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Betreute wissenschaftliche Arbeiten bis 2009

Univ.-Prof. Dr. Veronika Somoza

Betreute Bachelorarbeiten:

Bianka Kühne:
Studying the effect of trans-resveratrol on the activity of biotransformation enzymes in the rat.
Kay Augustin: Animal feeding trial was performed in which the effect of malt and coffee extract as well as pronyl-BSA and N-Methylpyridinium on the total antioxidative capacity of plasma in the rat was studied.

Betreute Master- und Diplomarbeiten:

2006: Nadja Alt

2005: Inken Stange: The anticancerogenic activity of limonene.

2004: Daniela Wierer: Studying the effect of canola oil fortified with omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids on the plasma contents of vitamin E and malondialdehyde in the rat

Kirsa Schacht:
Is thee a need to adjust the dietary intake of Vitamin E to the intake of long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids?
Astrid Heinisch: Studying the nutritional limits of a high supplementation with omega-3 long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids

Carola Weiß:
Studying the metabolic transit of casein-linked fructoselysine in the rat.
Kerstin Harnack: The effects of coffee melanoidins on the activity of biotransformation enzymes in Caco-2 cells.
Inken Kruse: Studying the effect of soy sauce on the activity of biotransformation enzymes in Caco-2 cells.

Nadine Gruebel:
The metabolic transit of casein-linked CML in the rat.
Corinna Geisler: Investigation of the effect of malt melanoidins on the activity of malt melanoidins in Caco-2 cells.

Christian Mueller:
Chemically synthesizing of casein-linked lysinoalanine, -fructoselysine and -N-carboxymethyllysine.
Gabriele Randel: The quantification of lactose, hydroxymethylfurfural and lysinoalanine in differently heat treated milk samples either purchased from European supermarkets or produced under standardized conditions in a pilot plant.
Wiebke Ruschmeyer: The effect of omega-3 long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid and phytosterols on the biotransformation system in the rat

1999: Sylvia Tasto: The effect of casein-linked N-carboxymethyllysine on the activity of Phase-I biotransformation enzymes in the rat.

Doerthe Christen:
Investigations on the significance of milk and milk products on the nutritional status of protein and calcium in the European member states.
Martin Petersen: Quantification of N-carboxymethyllysine in cheese samples obtained from grocery stores all over Europe.
Christine Brendel: Quantification of lysinoalanine in milk and milk products obtained from various European countries
Sabine Nocon: quantification of lysinoalanine in cheese samples purchased in European grocery stores and in cheese produced under standardized conditions in a pilot plant

Betreute Dissertationen:

Johanna Hauder:
"Identifizierung von Metaboliten alimentär zugeführter Glucosinolate in vivo und deren Einsatz als Biomarker für den Verzehr von Kruziferen"
Christine Kotyczka: "Charakterisierung der antioxidativen Wirksamkeit von Röstkaffees und deren Inhaltsstoffen in vitro und in vivo"
Sebastian Foth: Work on the molecular mechanisms by which N-carboxymethylline are degraded by the proteasome system in intestinal Caco-2 cells.
Johann Elmer: Work on the identification of immune-active compounds in blackberry juice.

Kerstin Harnack:
"Studies on the Influence of the Ratio of ω6/ω3-Fatty Acids in the Human Nutrition on the Storage of α-Linoleic Acid and Docosahexaenoic Acid in Cellular Membranes as well as thier Bioconversion in vitro and in vivo"
Karoline Schmid: "Studies on Physiological Mechanisms and Therapeutical Approaches to Decreasing the Amount of Nε-Carboxymethyllysine in the Human Organism"
Alexander Burkon: "Studies on the Metabolism and Physiological Activity of trans-Resveratrol"
Malte Rubach: "Studies on the Influence of Coffee Brew and Selected Constituents Thereof on Gastric Acid Regulation"

Carola Weiß:
"Functional Characterisation of Gastric Acid Stimulants and of Stomach-Protective Compounds in Coffee Brew and how to Impact them by Roasting or Pretreatment of Raw Coffee"
Sandra Held: "Studies on the Formation of Pro- and Antiinflammatory Cytokines as Affected by Orange Juice and its Components"
Lydia Pan: Chemopreventive effects of apple juice components

2007:Rita Pernice

2000: Elisabeth Wenzel: Effect of heat treated proteins on the biotransformation system in the rat

1999: Stephan Drusch: „Die Eignung unterschiedlicher chemischer Erhitzungsindikatoren zur Beurteilung der Thermisierung von Milch und Milchprodukten“

Betreute Habilitationen:

2006: Nadja Alt: Set-up of various stable isotope dilution analyses for the quantification of N-carboxymethyllysine, fructoselysine and hydroxymethylfurfural in foods and in biological samples.

2000 - 2002:
Holger Zill:
Demonstration of the cellular receptor for “advanced glycation end products” (AGEs, formed upon glycation of proteins) is expressed in intestinal Caco-2 cells and that Maillard reaction compounds in coffee and bread that they were able to bind to this receptor.
Michael Lindenmeier: The identification of lipid peroxidation products.
Gaby Andersen: Work on several human trials and cell culture experiments to investigate the effects of various foods and food components on the glucose metabolism and on satiety.

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