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Suwattanasophon Chonticha, Dr.rer.nat

Suwattanasophon Chonticha, Dr.rer.nat


Phone: +43 14277 70622


University of Vienna

Faculty of Chemistry

Department of Physiological Chemistry

Althanstr. 14/UZA II

room 2B525

A-1090 Vienna

Scientific Career

Since 09/2019
Senior Research Fellow at the Department of Physiological Chemistry, Vienna, Faculty of Chemistry, University of Vienna, Austria

Since 03/2015 - present
Postdoctoral research  fellow at Department of Biochemistry at Kasetsart , Thailand

03/2015 – 10/2018
Visiting research scientist at Department of Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmaceutics at University of Vienna, Austria

08/2014 – 02/2015
Postdoctoral research  fellow at Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry at University of Vienna, Austria

03/2013 – 06/2014
Postdoctoral research  fellow at at the Department  of  Molecular  Neurosciences  at  Medical  University  of Vienna , Austria

02/2007 – 06/2012
Dr. rer. nat. in Physics, Faculty of Physics, University of Vienna, Austria
Doctoral thesis: „Molecular Modelling of Voltage-gated Calcium Channels“

04/2010 – 06/2010
Exchange student  at Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, University of California Davis , USA

06/2001 – 03/2004
Master degree of Physics at Mahidol University, Thailand
Master thesis: " Molecular Dynamics of Bacillus Thuringiensis Cry4Ba Toxin "  


Publications: ORCID No. 0000-0002-7020-3300

Department of Physiological Chemistry
University of Vienna

Althanstrasse 14
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