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Publikationen Christina Hochkogler

(Stand Jänner 2017)

Hochkogler CM, Lieder B, Rust P, Berry D, Meier SM, Pignitter M, Riva A, Leitinger A, Bruk A, Wagner S, Hans J, Widder S, Ley JP, Krammer GE, Somoza V (2016) A 12-week intervention with nonivamide, a TRPV1 agonist, prevents a dietary-induced body fat gain and increases peripheral serotonin in moderately overweight subjects. Mol Nutr Food Res. doi: 10.1002/mnfr.201600731. [Epub ahead of print]

Riedel A, Dieminger N, Bakuradze T, Lang R, Montoya G, Hochkogler CM, Winkler S, Bytof G, Lantz I, Stiebitz H, Richling E, Hofmann T, Marko D, Schipp D, Raedle J, Somoza V. (2014) A 4-week consumption of medium roast and dark roast coffees affects parameters of energy status in healthy subjects. Food Res International 63:409-19.

Hochkogler CM, Rohm B, Hojdar K, Pignitter M, Widder S, Ley J, Krammer GE, Somoza V. (2014) The capsaicin analog nonivamide decreases total energy intake from a standardized breakfast and enhances plasma serotonin levels in moderately overweight men after administered in an oral glucose tolerance test: a randomized, crossover trial. Mol Nutr Food Res 58:1282-90.

Riedel A, Hochkogler CM, Lang R, Bytof G, Lantz I, Hofmann T, Somoza V. (2014) N-methylpyridinium, a degradation product of trigonelline upon coffee roasting, stimulates respiratory activity and promotes glucose utilization in HepG2 cells. Food Func 5:454-62.

Riedel A, Pignitter M, Hochkogler CM, Rohm B, Walker J, Bytof G, Lantz I, Somoza V (2012) Caffeine dose-dependently induces thermogenesis but restores ATP in HepG2 cells in culture. Food Funct 3:955-64.




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