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Current Master Theses

Nicole Müller: "Einfluss von Zimtisobutyrat auf ausgewählte Regulationsmechanismen der kurzzeitigen Nahrungsaufnahme übergewichtiger Probanden"

Judith Huber: "The Impact of Coffee on Inflammation in Adipose Tissue"

Kerstin Schweiger: "Impact of trigeminal active compounds on UCP-1 expression in adipocytes"

Nathalie Burian: "Impact of aroma compounds on serotonin release in neural and intestinal cell models"

Stefanie Pfeiffer: "Bioactive aroma compounds and anti-inflammatory effects thereof"

Julia Kienesberger: "Evaluation of Vitamin E Stability in Vegetable Oils Stored under Household Conditions"

Natalie Herner: "Evaluation of the oxidative stability of retinyl palmitate and its antioxidative activity in native and oxidized palm oil"

Celina Dugulin: "Effect of polyphenols on gastric acid secretion"

Anne Bruk: "Serotonin release from Caco-2 cells – comparison of ELISA, LC/MS and HPLC-ECD after incubation with Phenylethenyl derivatives"

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