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Talks and Conference contributions 2015

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Oral contributions at conferences:

K. Schüller, V. Somoza (invited): Resveratrol Regional Meeting 2015, Dijon, France, 02.11.-03.11.2015: "Bioavailability and Metabolism of Resveratrol" and „Impact of Sulfated and Glucuronated trans-Resveratrol Metabolites on Chemokines and Sirtuin-1 in U937-Macrophages".

M. Pignitter (invited): DGF Jahrestagung - XII. H.P. Kaufmann-Tage, Heidelberg, Germany, 19.-20.11.2015: "Beitrag von Speiseölen zur Deckung der wünschenswerten Zufuhr von Vitamin A und E".

M. Pignitter (invited), V. Somoza (invited): Lipids and Health: Risk, Reward and Revelation, SCI's Lipids Group, London, UK, 16.-17.11.2015: "Fat soluble vitamin reduction in food processing".

V. Somoza (invited), A. Holik: 250th ACS National Meeting, Boston, USA, 16.-20.08.2015: "Do dietary Maillard reaction products play a role in the progression of noncommunicable diseases?"

V. Somoza (invited): Food - Nutrition - Health. Biofunktionalität, Prävention, Technologische Eigenschaften, Kiel, Deutschland, 12.-13.05.2015: "Aromatic substances - more than just smell and taste", in: Ernährungsumschau Forschung & Praxis 62(8):128-31.



K. Liszt, J.P. Ley, B. Lieder, V. Stöger, E. Köck, A. Stübler, C. Hochkogler, M.M. Somoza, S. Widder, J. Hans, V. Somoza: AChemS 37th Annual Meeting, Bonita Springs (Fort Myers), Florida, 22.-25.04.2015: "Caffeine-induced activation of oral and gastric bitter taste receptors regulates gastric acid secretion"

C. Hochkogler, B. Lieder, P. Rust, J.P. Ley, S. Widder, G.E. Krammer, V. Somoza: AChemS 37th Annual Meeting, Bonita Springs (Fort Myers), Florida, 22.-25.04.2015: "Nonivamide, a TRPV1 agonist, promotes body weight maintenance in healthy overweight subjects by increasing peripheral serotonin"

W. Hoffmann, R. Lang, T. Hofmann, D. Marko, V. Somoza: 52nd Scientific conference of the DGE, Halle (Saale), Germany, 11.-13.03.2015: "Inflammation Modulating Effect of Coffee Constituents and their Metabolites"


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