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Talks and Conference contributions 2014

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Oral contributions at conferences:

V. Somoza (invited), J. Walker: 29. Südtiroler Herbstgespräche, Bozen, Italy, 24.-27.10.2014: "Was schmeckt, kann auch gesund sein!?"

V. Somoza (invited): 248th ACS National Meeting, San Francisco, 10.-14.08.2014: K.I. Liszt, R. Eder, M. Marek, J. Walker, V. Somoza: “Identification of organic acids in wine that stimulate mechanisms of gastric acid secretion in healthy subject”, p.32, V. Somoza: “Unraveling food bioactives: Past – present –future”, p.50, K.I. Liszt, E. Köck, S. Widder, J.P. Ley, V. Somoza: “Identification of bitter compounds regulating gastric acid secretion through activation of TAS2R10, p.67, In: Division of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Cornucopia including AGFD abstracts for the 248th American Chemical Society National Meeting

V. Somoza (invited, plenary): Österreichische Lebensmittelchemikertage 2014, GÖCH, Vienna, 23.04.-25.04.2014: “Funktionelle Aromastoffe - mehr als Geschmack und Geruch”

K.I. Liszt, E. Köck, S. Widder, J.P. Ley, V. Somoza (invited): 1st Joint ACS AGFD-ACS ICSCT Symposium on Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Bangkok, 04.03.-05.03.2014: "Mechanistic approach for identifying bitter compounds regulating stomach acid secretion”, in: Proceedings of the 1st Joint ACS AGFD-ACS ICSCT Symposium on Agricultural and Food Chemistry, p.11, ISBN 978-974-683-245-8

V. Somoza (invited), M. Pignitter: Developments in Deep Fat Frying for Health and Quality, SCI’s Lipids Group, University of Reading, Reading, UK, 05.-06.06.2014: “Deep-frying beyond taste and smell - potential health risks and benefits of lipid peroxidation products.”

M. Pignitter, K. Stolze, F. Jirsa, L. Gille, B.A. Goodman, V. Somoza: ASAC Junganalytikerforum, Tulln, 13.-14.06.2014: "Effect of copper on fatty acid profile in non- and semi-fermented tea analyzed by LCMS-based non-targeted screening"

M. Pignitter, S. Gartner, B. Dumhart, G. Steiger, K. Kraemer, V. Somoza: 12th Euro Fed Lipid 2014, Montpellier, France, 14.09.-17.09.2014: "Vitamin A content of fortified soybean oil decreases rapidly under household storage conditions"

V. Somoza (invited), J. Walker: 101. Brau- und maschinentechnische Arbeitstagung 2014, Donaueschingen, Germany, 10.-12.03.2014: "Identification of Beer Organic and Bitter Acids Regulating Mechanisms of Gastric Acid Secretion."

C. Hochkogler, B. Rohm, K. Hojdar, S. Widder, J. Ley, G. Krammer, V. Somoza: 51st Scientific conference of the DGE, Paderborn, Germany, 12.-14.03.2014: "Einfluss von Nonivamid, einem Capsaicin-Analog, auf die ad libitum Energieaufnahme und Sättigungsregulation: eine randomisierte, cross-over Humanstudie", in: Proceedings of the German Nutrition Society, Abstractbook to the 51st scientific congress, Volume 19 (2014), p. 18


Other invited presentations:

V. Somoza (invited): SAB Workshop on Vitamin E, DSM Nutritional products, Kaiseraugst, Switzerland, 04.04.2014: "Oxidative stability of vitamin E in soybean oil."

V. Somoza (invited): Rotary Club Wien Süd, Univ.-Prof. Dr. Josef Schuch, Vienna, 30.04.2014: „Die Tasse Kaffee als Heiltrank?“

V. Somoza (invited): 5th Annual Conference of the Center for Doctoral Studies at the University of Vienna, Vienna, 11.06.2014: "Good scientific practice in everyday research - case studies and personal experiences from different disciplines"

M. Pignitter (invited): 2nd Shimadzu User Meeting, Vienna, 11.09.2014: "LCMS in der Ernährungsphysiologie."



K.I. Liszt, J.P. Ley, E. Köck, V. Stöger, S. Widder, V. Somoza: AChamS 36th Annual Meeting, Florida, USA. 9.–14.04.2014: “Characterization of bitter masking compounds via modulation of induced proton secretion in a human gastric cell line"

M. Pignitter, B. Dumhart, S. Gartner, F. Jirsa, G. Steiger, K. Kraemer, V. Somoza: Micronutrient Forum 2014, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, 02.-06.06.2014: "Effect of ambient temperature, cold fluorescent light and oxidative oil quality on the stability of retinyl palmitate and its antioxidant activity in soybean oil"


Poster - honored with the poster award of the DGE:

K. Schüller, J. Walker, V. Somoza:51st Scientific conference of the DGE, Paderborn, Germany, 12.-14.03.2014: "Identifizierung von t-Res-3-Sulfat als anti-inflammatorisch wirksamer Metabolit von t-Resveratrol in immunkompetenten U-937 Makrophagen"


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