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Peer-reviewed Original Contributions 2015

Please note: Publications of Veronika Somoza are numbered consecutively (numbers in brackets, starting from the year 1993)


(132) Somoza V, Molyneux RJ, Chen ZY, Tomas-Barberan F, Hofmann T. (2015) Guidelines for Research on Bioactive Constituents – A Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry Perspective. J Agric Food Chem 63:8103-8105.

(131) Soares DJ, Pignitter M, Ehrnhöfer-Reßler M, Walker J, Brasil IM, Somoza V. (2015) Identification and Quantification of Oxidoselina-1,3,7(11)-Trien-8-One and Cyanidin-3-Glucoside as One of the Major Volatile and Non-Volatile Low-Molecular-Weight Constituents in Pitanga Pulp. PLoS ONE 10:e0138809.

(130) Walker J, Reichelt KV, Obst K, Widder S, Hans J, Krammer GE, Ley JP, Somoza V. (2015) Identification of an anti-inflammatory potential of Eriodictyon angustifolium compounds in human gingival fibroblasts, Physiology & Behavior, accepted

(129) Pignitter M, Schüller K, Burkon A, Knorr V, Esefelder L, Doberer D, Wolzt M, Somoza V. (2015) Concentration-dependent effects of resveratrol and metabolites on the redox status of human erythrocytes in single-dose studies. J Nutr Biochem 27:164-70.

(128) Pignitter M, Stolze K, Jirsa F, Gille L, Goodman BA, Somoza V. (2015) Effect of Copper on Fatty Acid Profiles in Non- and Semi-fermented Tea analyzed by LCMS-based non-targeted screening. J Agric Food Chem 63:8519-26.

(127) Schueller K, Pignitter M, Somoza V. (2015) Sulphated and glucuronated trans-resveratrol metabolites regulate genes and proteins involved in macrophage cell communication and migration. J Agric Food Chem 63:6535-45.

(126) Liszt KI, Eder R, Wendelin S, Somoza V. (2015) Identification of Catechin, Syringic Acid, and Procyanidin B2 in Wine as Stimulants of Gastric Acid Secretion. J Agric Food Chem 63:7775-83.

(125) Kraler M, Schedle K, Schwarz C, Domig KJ, Pichler M, Oppeneder A, Wetscherek W, Prückler M, Pignitter M, Pirker KF, Somoza V, Heine D, Kneifel W. (2015) Fermented and extruded wheat bran in piglet diets: impact on performance, intestinal morphology, microbial metabolites in chyme and blood lipid radicals. Archives of Animal Nutrition 69: 378-98.

(124) Pignitter M, Somoza V. (2015) Impact of Dietary Oxidized Lipids on Energy Metabolism. Adv Food Technol Nutr Sci Open J 1:76-81.

(123) Kretschy N, Holik AK, Somoza V, Stengele KP, Somoza MM. (2015) Next generation o-nitrobenzyl photolabile groups for light directed chemistry and microarray synthesis. Angewandte Chemie 54:1-6.

(122) Gurecká R, Koborová I, Janšáková K, Tábi T, Szökő E, Somoza V, Šebeková K, Celec P. (2015) Effect of combined prenatal and postnatal dietary intervention on metabolic status of female Wistar rat. Croat Med J 56:94-103.

(121) Rohm B, Holik AK, Kretschy N, Somoza MM, Ley JP, Widder S, Krammer GE, Marko D, Somoza V. (2015) Nonivamide enhances miRNA let-7d expression and decreases adipogenesis PPARγ expression in 3T3-L1 cells. J Cell Biochem 116:1153-63.

(120) Rohm B, Riedel A, Ley JP, Widder S, Krammer GE, Somoza V. (2015) Capsaicin, nonivamide and trans-pellitorine decrease free fatty acid uptake without TRPV1 activation and increase acetyl-coenzyme A synthetase activity in Caco-2 cells. Food Funct 6:172-84.

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