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Peer-reviewed Original Contributions 2010

Please note: Publications of Veronika Somoza are numbered consecutively (numbers in brackets, starting from the year 1993)



(69) Ruhs, S, Nass N, Bartling B, Brömme HJ, Leuner B, Somoza V, Friess U, Silber RE, Simm A. (2010) Preconditioning with maillard reaction products improves antioxidant defence leading to increased stress tolerance in cardiac cells. Exp Gerontol 45:752-62.

(68) Lang R, Bardelmeier I, Weiss C, Rubach M, Somoza V, Hofmann T. (2010) Quantitation of N-beta-alkanoyl-5-hydroxytryptamides in coffee by means of LC-MS/MS-SIDA and assessment of their gastric acid secretion potential using the HGT-1 cell assay. J Agric Food Chem 58:1593-602.

(67) Weiss C, Rubach M, Lang R, Seebach E, Blumberg S, Frank O, Hofmann T, Somoza V. (2010) Measurement of the intracellular pH in human stomach cells: A novel approach to evaluate the gastric acid secretory potential of coffee beverages. J Agric Food Chem 58:1976-85.

(66) Boekel, van M, Fogliano V, Pellegrini N, Stanton C, Scholz G, Lalljie S, Somoza V, Knorr D, Jasti PR, Eisenbrand G. (2010) A review on the beneficial aspects of food processing. Mol Nutr Food Res 54:1215-47.

(65) Robbins MG, Hauder J, Somoza V, Eshelman BD, Barnes DM, Hanlon, PR. (2010) Induction of detoxification enzymes by feeding unblanched Brussels sprouts containing active myrosinase to mice for 2 wk. J Food Sci 75:H190-9.

(64) Rubach M, Lang R, Skupin C, Hofmann T, Somoza V. (2010) Activity-guided fractionation to characterize a coffee beverage that effectively down-regulates mechanisms of gastric acid secretion as compared to regular coffee. J Agric Food Chem 58:4153-61.

(63) Birlouez-Aragon I, Saavedra G, Tessier F, Galinier A, Ait-Ameur L, Lacoste F, Niamba N, Alt N, Somoza V, Lecerf JM. (2010) A diet based on high-heat-treated foods promotes risk factors for diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular diseases. Am J Clin Nutr 91:1220-6.

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