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Agnes Reiner, PhD
Falling Walls Young Innovator 2017

Mrs. Agnes Reiner won the first place in the international competition Falling Walls Lab 2017.
In this competition, young researchers present their scientific work in just 3 minutes for a
wide-ranging audience. A top-class jury selected Agnes Reiner from 100 finalists
from more than 50 nations for her work on the diagnosis of ovarian cancer.

 Univ.-Prof.Dr. Veronika Somoza

FEMA Excellence in Flavor Science Award 2016

awarded by Extract Manufacturers Association (FEMA) of the United States. The FEMA Excellence Award in the Flavor Science Award is given to individuals who, through their research achievements, have achieved outstanding international achievements in the field of flavorings. Prof. Somoza received this prize for work to identify the physiological effects of flavorings that go far beyond their taste and smell.

 Dr. Barbara Lieder

ÖFG-Stipendium "International Communication" 2017

Verena Stöger, MSc

KWA-Stipendium 2016

Dr. Marc Pignitter

H. P. Kaufmann-Prize 2015 of the German Society for Fat Science (DGF) for his research on the contribution of edible oils to an adequate supply of vitamin A and E.

Katharina Schüller

Award for her poster "Identifizierung von t-Res-3-Sulfat als anti-inflammatorisch wirksamer Metabolit von t-Resveratrol in immunkompetenten U-937 Makrophagen" at the 51st Scientific Congress of the German Nutrition Society (DGE) 2014, Paderborn, Germany

Miriam Ehrnhöfer-Reßler

Ph.D. stipend on “Characterisation of the Immune Activity of the Herbs Matricaria chamomilla L. and Salvia officinalis L.: Modulation of the Immune Response in the Mouth” (MIRTH) granted by the Austria Academy of Sciences (ÖAW), DOC-fFORTE [Women in Science and Technology), 01.01.2011 – 31.12.2013.

Dr. Kathrin Liszt

Stipend of the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf for participating in the 33rd Blankenese conference "Nutrient Sensing: From Brain to Gut", Hamburg-Blankenese, 2013

Kristina Fricke

Jürgen Manchot Award for her diploma thesis entitled „Characterisation of the immune activity of selected herbs and spices in the mouth” by the Technical University of Munich / Germany, 2011



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